Traveller Review Awards 2020

From riads to rental cars, the 2020 Traveller Review Awards saw 986,449 accommodation and transport partners recognised for their incredible hospitality.

housewithnonails is honored and humbled to receive an award, all thanks to your glowing reviews!

Let me share a few. I love this one from Colarado. “beautiful home and hospitality. May the force be with you”. Haha actually we get a lot of people from the film industry through. “felt at home the moment we walked in. Thanks Jen”. Australia. That is said over and over. That idea of a home away from home. “what magical surroundings”. It really is. I love living here and I’m the host!!! It’s the mountains fields sky birds peace. “we felt spoilt rotton”. Wow that’s such a complement. “a little bit of paradise”, from a lady who equally so has her patch in Aotearoa paradise called Bending Tree donkey farm, in one of those hard kiwi nameplaces, Maungateroto!!!! “farm to table dinner”. Yes we really do serve natural yogurt from off a local farm and its deliciously good for you!!! “you’re travelling tips will be explored to the full”. I am always leaning over a map. Sharing great day itinaries and fabulously “off the beaten track” travel ideas. Dewi and I love travelling New Zealand ourselves, so this isn’t just local knowledge from a book, we describe the wild mountain goats on the roads around Te Anga Waitomo and the beautiful raw kawhia harbour!!!! “this is our new favourite home”!!!!. Glad people enjoy our uniquely handcrafted home here in Central North Island. “maybe we can come back again” “what a wonderful welcome to New Zealand”. “amazing memories”, “our stay was rejuvenating” Salt lake city Utah. “wish we were staying all week”. And this one is the pinnacle in my memories of 2019. “A candlelit meal, song and laughter with our fellow travellers”


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Posted by on March 01, 2020